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Download Lc0

The latest stable version of Lc0 is v0.31.0.

Older versions and beta releases are available at our GitHub releases page.


Every package contains:

  • lc0.exe (the engine),
  • 791556.pb.gz or 753723.pb.gz (a default network file), and
  • lc0-training-client.exe (only needed if you would like to contribute training games).

Depending on which hardware you have, different version of Lc0 will be best for you.
Pick the row that matches your hardware from the following table:

Hardware Backend
Newest (2018+) NVidia GPUs: RTX 20xx, RTX 30xx and so on (but not GTX 16xx) CUDA
Newer (2014-2018) NVidia GPUs: GTX 650 to GTX 16xx; GT 640M to GT 980M (excluding 670M, 675M, 705M, 710M, 800M, 820M) CUDNN
Other GPUs (requires a very recent DirectML dll, see the included README for instructions) onnx-dml
Computers without GPUs, but with modern CPUs DNNL BLAS
Older CPUs OpenBLAS


You can install Lc0 using Homebrew.

brew install lc0

The Homebrew package includes the lc0 engine and network 42850.


Architecture Backend
All architectures BLAS

Building from sources (Linux, Windows and MacOS)

If you want to build the Lc0 from source, refer to this document.

Last Updated: 2023-06-27