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TCEC (Top Chess Engine Championship) is a computer chess tournament organized and maintained by Chessdom at https://tcec-chess.com/. This page documents Leela configuration in each of the “seasons” of this tournament.

Season 13

Division Executable Network Placement Result
Div4 lc0 “v0.16.1” (b1301aa9) 10161 1st place 22.0/28
Div3 lc0 “v0.16.1” (b1301aa9) 10520 3rd place 16.0/28
  • Hardware: TCEC GPU server has 2x GTX 1080 ti. Full specs here
  • Command line: lc0 -w 10161 -t 4 --minibatch-size=512 --backend=multiplexing "--backend-opts=(backend=cudnn,gpu=0),(backend=cudnn,gpu=1)" --nncache=2000000 -l lc0debug.txt
  • UCI: Move time overhead in milliseconds=2000
    • Div3 added: Time weight curve peak ply=37; Aggressive smart pruning threshold=0.604; Scale thinking time=3.05;

TCEC “v0.16.1” binary from appveyor

[[TCEC S13 issues]]

Bonus games 7-10-2018

  • Net IDs: kb3 and id481
  • Hardware: TheAnswer volunteered 2x1080 ti via ssh access.
  • Command line: ./lc0 -w [kb3|id481] --backend=multiplexing '--backend-opts=a(backend=cudnn,threads=2,gpu=0),b(backend=cudnn,threads=2,gpu=1)' -t 4 (kb1 and default respectively with increased move overhead to help with latency).

Season 12

  • Versions
    • Div4: lczero v0.10, ID125 - +0 -25 =2 (and 1 win by forfeit)
  • Hardware: TCEC CPU server 2 x 8 core Intel Xeon E5-2689 @ 3300 MHz
  • Command line: lczero -w id125 ....?
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