Test10 learning rate has been lowered

The learning rate for the test10 training run has been lowered to 0.0002. Network id 11013 will be the first network trained with the new LR.

This is the last time we lower it for test10 to squeeze some more Elo out of it. It’s expected that the result will be visible within a day or two.

The test10 will probably stay for some weeks, and after that the plan is to do a reset and to start a main2 run from scratch again.

What will change after restart:

  • int8 quantization during training
    That’s how DeepMind did it. This will produce networks compatible with TensorRT framework which should considerably improve nps on supported hardware.
    We tried to quantize existing nets, but it doesn’t really work that way. Elo drop was about -300.

  • Training with Stochastic Weights Averaging
    That will hopefully result in better network quality.

  • Rule50 plane.
    As I wrote in a few previous blog posts, it turns out that information about 50-move rule counter was not available to the network. That will be fixed.

  • Value of Cpuct constant will be increased during training.
    That may allow Leela to better see tactics.

  • It’s possible that we’ll train multiple network sizes in parallel, but recently training was really back to back, we are not sure there will be capacity even for two networks.

Posted by: crem