Lc0 v0.17.0-rc2 has been released.

The “Release Candidate 2” for the Lc0 version v0.17 has been published! Available to download here.

Release candidate 1 was mostly bug free, but there were still things to tweak:

  • The Rule50 encoding bug was fixed.

  • Default batch size for openCl changed to 16. Up to 5x speedup, promised in RC1, should be visible with default settings.

  • Time management constants were tweaked a bit.

Feel free to use this version for training, but it’s not necessary. It is expected that the “rule50” fix will not have either positive or negative effect on networks in the test10 run.

(Reason: all weights related to that plane are equal to 0 since long ago due to regularization, and it’s not really possible to recover from that state.)

We hope that no further changes will be needed and this release candidate will become the v0.17.0.

We’ve sent this version to CCCC organizers, and it’s quite possible that they will have another test of Lc0 playing before the main event, so follow their news if you are interested! Links to CCCC:

Posted by: crem