As most of you are already aware, Leela will participate in the upcoming season of CCCC!

CCCC ( computer chess competition) is a tournament, where top chess engines compete in a different set of formats, settings and time controls on a high-end hardware. did conduct computer chess competitions in the past, but this time CCCC features a really good brand new shiny interface which will make watching it even more fun (and also this is the first time Leela participates there, that also adds fun :-P).

Leela will run on four V100 GPUs. That is pretty good hardware, and we hope that Lc0 will be able to show interesting games against top chess engines.

The network that Lc0 will use is id11089.

The endgame tablebases will be disabled. We wrote about endgame wierdness caused by only supporting WDL probes but not DTZ, and the LCZero community voted in Discord against using tablebases this season.

The games will start on August 31st. The first CCCC season will be called CCCC 1: Rapid Rumble. It will be a Round Robin tournament among 24 engines, with time control 15+5, with ponder on and no opening book.

Come watch and support Leela in CCCC chat!

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