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The LCZero project has an active community which follow development and competitions.

Join us at the following places:


Our main place where most of discussions regarding development and other activity happen is our discord server. Join us using this invite link:

https://discord.gg/pKujYxD (also known as lc0.org/chat).

Notable channels:

  • #help – ask in this channel if you have problems building, configuring or running Lc0.
  • #dev-public – developers talk here.
  • #dev – low-volume channel where only contributors can post. Intended for discussions that should not be missed.
  • #dev-log – changelog and important-ish notifications go there. Also votes.
  • #test-results – post your test results there (there is a strict format to follow).
  • #test-discuss – discuss testing here.


Is located here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/lczero.

Core devs rarely reply there, although they do skim through the messages.




We have a blog. https://blog.lczero.org/

Last Updated: 2020-01-27