server will be unavailable on April 5th

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The server will be not available for ~24 hours starting at April 4th 20:00 UTC.

Training game generation will also not be possible during the downtime.

For people who use payed services for generating games: don’t forget to stop your instances for this period in order not to waste money.


As some of you know, the server is located in my apartment. I’m moving to another apartment on April 5th, so the server has to move too.

Because of that, will not be available for at least 24 hours.

  • Starting time of downtime: Thursday 4th April, 20:00 UTC
  • Planned end of downtime: Friday 5th April, 20:00 UTC

The following sites will not be available:

  • -- LCZero website, also used by clients to send games
  • -- our link shortening service
  • (aka ) – Tensorboard will be available, you will be able to download network files from there (although it’s not easy to guess network id from filename).

The new apartment should already have Internet connection at that day, but it can happen that it won’t immediately work. For that case I have a backup plan, but it will mean that the downtime is extended as I have to travel further with a server in my pocket. I have no way to check in advance whether the connection in new apartment works, as I only have one set of fiber equipment.

Also there is a small chance that Internet in old location will be cut before April 4th. While this is not very probable, I’d suggest people who use payed services to run client to watch the news and stop their instances if that happens.

Stay tuned.

Downtime started.
Latest networks list is here: networks have been copied to

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