Lc0 vs GM Adam Tukhaev on Lichess

Not everyone knows, but recently there was a match between Lc0 and GM Daniel Naroditsky on Lichess.
For those tho missed, here is recording of this stream on Twitch and [Lichess Blog entry]( on-leela-chess-zero) about that event.

In two days, Leela is playing with another grandmaster, this time it’s GM Adam Tukhaev!

When: Jan 6th 19:00 UTC ([see your local time here]( vs+Lc0+on+Lichess&iso=20190106T19)).
Time control: 3+2, with a mix of bullet at 1+1 and 1+0.
Lichess handles: almostadams and LeelaChess.

Leela will be running on a CPU (i5-6600K @ 4.1 GHz, without GPU) and will give Adam piece odds. If Adam finds it too easy, Leela will play with equal pieces.

Posted by: crem