Where to play Leela online?

The play.lczero.org web site where everyone could quickly play Lc0 online is currently down.

But even while it doesn’t work, there are some options to play Leela online.

The easiest way is to play on lichess.
You can pick one of the Leela Chess Zero bots:

  • LeelaChess -- full-strength bot which is kept reasonably up to date.
  • LeelaNice -- the bot configured almost not to think. It still very strong, but sometimes misses non-trivial tactics, which makes it possible to win.
  • MiniHuman -- distilled 48x5-se network from id11258 (small network learnt from large Leela net), played on Raspberry Pi 3 with almost no thinking.
  • leela2200 -- distilled 112x9-se network from id11258, running on CPU.

Also there are other bots of different configurations and strength. Check the all-the-leelas lichess team and pick the one which is online. You are also welcome to host your own Leela and join that team.

If you know other ways to play Leela online (FICS, etc), please reply in comments, I’ll add it to this post.

And of course you can always download Leela and set it up to play locally. [This blog post](../../../2018/09/guide-setting-up-leela-on- chess-gui.html) describes how to do that.

UPD: Kontrachess has a way to play with LCZero. It seems very to be very nice looking site! I did not try it myself though. (Initially I thought it was a paid site, but one of the site representatives said in comments below that it’s actually free).

UPD2: Also NextChessMove has a number of options including different networks of Lc0. From what I can see, it is similar to what play.lczero.org was. It takes some time to get a move from a free version, but probably paid version is faster (again, I don’t know anyone who tried that).

Posted by: crem