Lc0 v0.17.0-rc1 has been released.

The release candidate of a new version of the Lc0 engine has been released.


We expect to have a stable v0.17.0 release in one week, so that we can use it for CCCC. For now you can either help us to find bugs by trying the RC1, or use v0.16 for now.

Download and full changelog here.

Change highlights:

  • Syzygy Tablebases support.
    Only WDL probe for now, e.g. the engine only probes for positions after pawn moves and captures.

  • Ponder support.

  • Batch support for OpenCL backend, that gives up to 5x speedup.

UPD: It turned out that openCl batching is off by default, so no 5x speedup is visible.
To enable, use command like flag --backend_opts=batch_size=16.
Due to another issue, it may happen that batch size 16 requires too much VRAM so it doesn’t start. In that case, try lower values.

  • Windows CUDA version of Lc0 now includes all required .dlls.
Posted by: crem